Lecture I - Basic Precepts and Definitions (Gavin & Yvonne Frost)

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The Wiccan Rede

The Craft implies a set of ethics summarized in a “rede” or saying: Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill: “If it harm none, do what
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The Hero Within

Your path through life will determine how much opportunity “I” gets to develop. “I” is sometimes called the hero within because it is engaged in
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We hope you are excited and intrigued by your investigation of Wicca, the religion of Witchcraft. You may already have had some ‘unusual’ experiences that
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The Ultimate Deity

Most of us have some kind of belief in “something out there” ‑‑ a god. If we are honest, gods like Jesus or Buddha usually
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Ritual Understanding

This is a good place to bring up a point in semantics. As a person concerned with the Craft, you may find yourself doing activities
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Your Altar

One thing that distinguishes a Wiccan home from almost every other home is the presence of an altar or a meditation center. Our personal preference
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Basic Beliefs of Wicca

On the cover of this lecture is a five-pointed star enclosed by three circles. The star stands on two feet; it is not on its
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Learn and Progress

How can such ideas as good and evil apply to the idea of “school”? A second grader is not evil because he or she fails
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As Above, So Below

The similarity between the levels of development on the other side of the Invisible Barrier and development on the earth plane has been noted since
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The Circles

On the cover of this lecture, three circles surround the five‑pointed star. To Craft people, the three circles have many levels of meaning. They show
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Where Are You Now?

Below is a very simple test that will help you define what the center of your universe is really like. Do it now, please. This
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Human beings are given a great responsibility. We are given a large brain and a marvelous, multi‑functional body shell with which to fulfill the challenge
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Two Optional Rituals

A Ritual for Serenity Select a small room or an area in your home. This may be just one piece of a wall. Remove from
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Appendix 1

Athame (ah‑THAIM) - ceremonial knife used in Circle as ritual object Beltane (BEL‑tain) - Craft summer festival, observed on full moon nearest May 1 (celebrates
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