Introductory Lecture (Gavin & Yvonne Frost)

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You have been accepted into the School of Wicca, and you are on the threshold of the most exciting experience of your life! Yvonne and
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Your Renewal Spell

Many ancient spells are now recognized by psychiatrists as having a good basis in psychology, so if we use modern language don't be put off.
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Everyone has Psychic Power

EVERYONE HAS PSYCHIC POWER Yes, you can psychically influence the behavior of other people. You can heal. You can do lots of things that you've
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In Lecture VIII we will talk at length about the need for psychic protection. For now we want you to realize that everyone has powers
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Money and Possessions

We know only too well that most people seriously believe that winning the lottery will solve all their problems and that this will ensure life‑long
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Witchcraft is Real

In the middle of the 1964 rainy season, on Queen Elizabeth's birthday, it suddenly stopped raining in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It had rained every day
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House Cleansing Ritual

From the foregoing you can see that spells really work. You know you have power, so it's really up to you. As you develop your
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The only thing which we at the School ask of you is that you follow this path (which has been tested by our thousands of
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Rites of Passage

DEDICATION If you decide to be initiated into the Craft, you must first be dedicated at a public meeting of other members. All you have
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