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The question is: Why are young people leaving the US (or more often, European countries) and going to support ISIS? When it’s boys, perhaps their instinct to fight anything and anyone, especially authority, is the root cause. How do we convince them that when they get into a Muslim terrorist army, the rules are going to be much stricter, more rigid, and enforced at the point of a gun? The more juveniles are encouraged to play what we have to call thumb games of a violent, destructive nature, the more their wish to fight is enhanced. We need somehow to give boys and young men outlets for their naturally aggressive instincts. The aggression continues, of course, until they discover that most women will not put up with it. And with the first good sexual experiences, the aggression tends to evaporate–that is, until they’re placed in some situation of competing for the local arm-candy/bimbo(s).
So as we see it, it’s up to the young ladies to calm the aggressive behavior of their beaux and show them how much better it is to stay home and make love … The realistic question each family has to answer for itself is: When should our children be taught how to enjoy sex?
The advice given to young people is, “Don’t do it. It’s a sin. You’ll go blind or go crazy …” unless you are signed off by the local, priest, minister, or magistrate to a life sentence of monogamy, with all that Research undone, to remain the stuff of (wet) dreams. Why such authoritarian approval makes the difference is beyond our comprehension. Who stands to gain? Cui bono? Hmm. Yet it’s the rules of the game as we know it in the western world.
You parents, telling your children that sex before marriage is off limits, consider: Would you rather they stay at home and do the forbidden in the comfort and security of their own bedroom, or would you prefer they go out into the wilds of Syria or Iraq or perhaps even darkest Africa–and become who knows what?
The situation with young girls leaving to become Muslim trophy concubines or sex slaves or wives is in many ways more interesting–and more troubling. Many such young women set out from what have come to be called broken homes, where there is at best a succession of father figures whom they can or cannot talk to, and a mother who is doing exactly what she tells her daughter is forbidden.
The first way out of this mess is obviously that sex education must be improved and rules must be modified so that the young ladies can get a natural release of their hormonal tension–a natural release of their natural drives–a release that harms no one.
In the real world, denial is not a river in Egypt, nor is the clitoris an island off the coast of Greece. It is real and it is present, even if not quite so obvious as a young erect penis. Mother Nature has a plan to increase the race–a plan that the human race and the planet can no longer afford to honor. Contraception is not that difficult.
Marriage performed by an Abrahamic church supposedly joins two people both spiritually and mundanely for life. Marriage by the local county clerk is only a mundane f—ing license: not a spiritual joining, but only a gesture to satisfy the legal profession and to protect property.
In the Church of Wicca we distinguish between the physical and the spiritual. We think in terms of two ceremonies:
(a) a f—ing license from the civil authorities and
(b) a spiritual ceremony that we call a handfasting.
In neither case do we inquire into the spiritual gender of the participants.
After all, if it harm none …


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