Mail Order Contract

Because this is a correspondence course and everything goes through the mail, we have to define the contract into which we enter with you. Please read the following very carefully.


  • Furnish twelve lectures on the Craft;
  • Grade your assignments;
  • Issue a Certificate of Completion, provided you complete the twelve‑lecture course with a ‘B’ average;[3]
  • Send lectures by first‑class mail. A fee of $20.00 for this service has been included in your contract. If you have paid in full and not already paid for this service, please send a check for $20.00 at this time. (This one‑time fee covers mailing all the lectures in the entire course.)[4]
  • Have the right to change course material (including recommended outside reading) to improve it as the School deems necessary; arrange for your (optional) initiation when the School considers you are ready, and issue a Doctorate of Celtic Witchcraft to those who complete the course and choose to be initiated;
  • help you understand the lectures and questionnaires.


  • Have already paid a non‑refundable registration fee of $10 ($20 dual enrollment) and entered into a contract with the School;
  • Agree that the purchased services will be supplied for selected class(es).


You are an intelligent person, and you know what you want from this course. If you want a quick familiarization with the Craft, answer the multiple‑choice questionnaire at the end of each lecture. Send in your answers and any fee that may be due, and we’ll immediately send you the next lecture. to learn something about psychic power, try the rituals that are included with the lectures. See how they work. In‑depth knowledge, initiation, and ongoing membership in the Craft, do the suggested outside reading in addition to 1 and 2 above, and complete both sections of each questionnaire. When you begin your study, you may think you want just a quick overview, but later decide you want to be initiated. All you have to do is come back and complete Section II of the questionnaires you skipped. You can make this decision after you are well into the course, and come back and pick up the extra study needed for initiation. Students who elect not to be initiated will receive the same material as those who decide to become initiated. If you want to learn the Craft in great depth and become initiated, you must obtain and study the books for each lecture. We have found that reading ahead doesn’t work, so we will tell you the titles of outside reading material for one lecture at a time. If you plan to be initiated, for Lecture I you need: “History of Witchcraft” by J. B. Russell or “God of the Witches” by Margaret Murray. To join the library, send a $20 refundable deposit and the $5 handling fee. The School library charges $5 handling for each book loaned, provided the book is returned in good condition within two months. If a book is kept more than two months or is returned badly mutilated, you forfeit your $20 deposit.