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Despite a less than perfect track record, I am a huge fan of relationships. And having spent a couple of decades or so looking at other people’s relationships in my capacity as an astrologer, I’ve learned that the single most important thing to maintaining your connection with another person is communication. Honest and clear communication is the key to making any relationship work better. Have you noticed how much chaos there is in the world lately? Ever wonder how much better things would be if we’d stop shouting and start listening?

This week, however? I’m going to suggest that — and I say this with love, Dear Reader — maybe the best thing you can do with a loved one is keep your damned fool mouth closed.

Mercury, which rules communication, is taking a serious beating this week. By now you probably all know about Mars square Saturn and Pluto, and the hubbub that’s generating for most of us. This is the week when Mercury in Libra interacts with that tangled mess, and frankly, it’s not going to be pretty.

Monday is the day when Mercury square Pluto is exact. This can be a time when your frustrations with life (or with someone else) can come out in the form of sharp and pointed words. At the very least, if you have to express anger or disappointment with someone, do it in written form. At a distance. And then maybe don’t send that message at all. Seriously: whatever you have to communicate, can it wait?

On Tuesday, the Sun enters Libra. In theory, this is a time when there will be an increased emphasis on relating to others and relationships overall. Soak up that vibe as much as possible in the next two weeks, because after that the Sun will be going through the same mess that Mercury is going through this week.

On Wednesday, Mercury square Saturn hits its peak. Mercury square Pluto might make for hurtful words, but Mercury square Saturn is just flat out cold. This aspect also increases the chance that there will be practical obstacles to getting your ideas out there. This is particularly risky because Saturn is slowing down in preparation to go direct next week. A slow planet can have a particularly powerful influence.

Then on Thursday we get a dose of Mercury opposite Mars. All that time you spent this week pumping the brakes on your verbal outbursts might suddenly give up. Again: can it wait?

Even if you are on your best behavior, a loved one may not be. Try to be forgiving, and try to rise above the tension to see the bigger picture. But mostly, you might just want to consider keeping your yap shut and a pair of earplugs in.

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