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Yes, I know. The world is on fire. Some of it is literally on fire. Mars in Aries square Pluto and Saturn, blah blah blah. You’ve heard it from me before and even if you didn’t know a thing about astrology, you’d know that things feel screwed up on some cosmic level.

Forget that, though. This is a Love Horoscope, and we’re going to go looking for the love we all need. And that isn’t necessarily romantic love, either. Allow me to explain…

As far as the romantic element involved in love, the big aspect this week is Venus square Uranus, which is exact on Tuesday. Under normal circumstances, I would be giving you the usual lecture about avoiding or being careful with strange new attractions, or going a little crazy with your diet or your budget.

But we don’t live under “normal” circumstances anymore, do we? And that’s okay. Things change and life evolves to meet the new challenges. What does this mean in terms of love? It means that maybe this week is the right time to start getting radical with it.

Maybe it’s time to put aside the weapons and the pointed words in exchange for Fanatical Love. If you want anger and outrage, it’s as close as your Facebook news feed and your Twitter account. Anger and outrage are easy. Only the truly bold lead with love in a time like this.

That’s why I’m asking a small favor of you all this week. I want you to join me in being truly bold. Venus square Uranus implies a breaking of patterns with love, no matter what form love takes. I think the best thing you can do right now — and this week, and in future — is to be fanatical with love. And I mean love, regardless of whether it’s a romantic relationship or your family or your friends or your community or whatever.

Now is the best time to start, because on Thursday there is a New Moon in Virgo. If you’ve read my work here for long, you know I’m always encouraging people to set down their intentions for the following month whenever there is a New Moon. This particular Sun-Moon conjunction in Virgo is opposite Neptune, and trine Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. This, my dear ones, is a powerful combination for restoring hope to the world and to our individual connections. And you know at least as well as I do that this is exactly what the world needs right now.

Set aside the anger this week and be truly bold. Lead with love, my friends.

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