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We begin the week in the shadow of last week’s major Venus and Mars transits. Venus is in the last degree of Virgo, and is still within the range of the trine to Saturn. This could give us the opportunity to build something stable and solid in our love lives, if it weren’t for the lingering effects of Mars square Jupiter. That aspect still has everyone a little on edge, and possibly with a bigger sex drive than what they know to do with, or with less patience to talk things through.

Nonetheless, this week brings some change. If last week didn’t work for you, there’s hope.

Last week, the Sun entered Scorpio. Of all the signs, Scorpio is the one that probably has to labor the most under unfair stereotypes. Scorpios aren’t always looking for sex and/or revenge… only occasionally. So if you seek either one of those, your odds of getting it should improve a little in the next month.

You still won’t be able to count on your words alone, though, to talk your way to your goals. Mercury is still retrograde, and on Tuesday it enters Libra. In theory, this should be an easier place for Mercury to rest its muddled head than Scorpio was. In practice, though? This means that retrograde Mercury is now heading towards the square with Saturn. Don’t expect the conversation to get lighter or easier this week.

Also on Tuesday, Venus enters Libra. This should generally make your human relations run a little more smoothly, and make for a little better mutual understanding. Make sure you take advantage of that situation now, because in a couple of weeks Venus will be square that ongoing planetary mess in Capricorn. Making nice with someone now can help cushion the blow later on.

Saturday is Halloween, when traditionally people dress up and assume a different identity and embrace the spooky side of life. Under normal circumstances, Halloween tends to increase sexual activity. Nothing makes people more likely to act up than wearing a disguise, right?

This year there are two factors that will make this more difficult, and one that will make it more risky. First off, the obvious: a lot of things are shut down because of the current pandemic, and that includes Halloween parties. Even if things are relatively open where you live, please consider staying home this year. There’s nothing sexy about being on a ventilator.

Second, Sun opposite Uranus will tend to make everyone’s energy levels a little up and down and irregular. It’s difficult to party hard when you’re having power surges.

Finally, because it’s 2020 and everything is nuts, there is a Full Moon on Halloween. Honestly, did you really expect anything different from this year? Beware the figurative werewolves lying beneath the surface with you and those around you. And come to think of it, since it’s 2020, why not keep an eye out for real werewolves too?

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