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Welcome to the best worst/week of the year for romance!

Astrologically, what we generally think of as romantic love is ruled primarily by two planets. First of all there’s Venus, associated with all the traditional features of a happy and successful relationship: thoughtful gifts, kind gestures, pleasant romantic meals, and so on.

On the other hand, we have Mars. Mars is usually associated with things like anger, violence, and arguing. But whether we are comfortable with it or not, Mars is also the primary ruler of the sex drive.

And, just like some crazy relationships we’ve all seen and/or been in, Venus and Mars are in very different conditions this week.

Venus is feeling pretty great this week. Venus opposite Neptune, which was exact last week, is still in effect. That aspect provides plenty of opportunities for emotional openness and doe-eyed staring into a loved one’s gaze. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

On Monday, add Jupiter into that mix. That’s when Venus trine Jupiter is exact. This combination brings happiness and celebration; it can be a fantastic time to improve your connections to others in general.

So far things sound great for romance, don’t they? Wait, it gets even better! Wednesday brings us Venus trine Pluto. A lot of the things that Venus rules are easy to dismiss as being lightweight or trivial. But the aspect to Pluto adds a spicy dash of depth and longing to those feelings.

And while all of this is still happening, on Saturday we get the bonus gift of Venus trine Saturn. Take all the wide-eyed wonderment that Venus is feeling this week, and then add on a potential to find ways to make your current situation stronger and more durable. Saturn isn’t a very romantic planet, but properly involved, in a relationship it can add shelf life to situations that might otherwise go bad quickly.

So now that I’ve filled your head with visions of dancing romantic sugar plums, what’s the big problem? That would be an aspect that is exact on Monday but hovers over the entire week like an uninvited party guest. That aspect is Mars square Jupiter. If you happen to be in a relationship at the moment that involves sex, this energy can be put to great use. It’s going to tend to make everyone a lot more frisky than usual. But if you aren’t in a relationship like that at the moment, Mars square Jupiter energy can lead to impatience, hostility, and a lot of shouting and road rage. And really, isn’t there enough of that in the world already?

Worst case scenario: if Mars square Jupiter makes you say or do something stupid that you regret, you can always try and talk your way out of it. Oh, wait: Mercury is still retrograde and spends the week opposite Uranus. Finding the right words is going to be harder than usual, and so will be conveying them properly. So if you have someone to take to bed with you, knock yourself out. That’s going to be the safest room in your house this week. But if you don’t, go ahead and spend some time in your bedroom anyway… but don’t spend your time there arguing with people on the internet, okay?

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