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The first exact aspect of this week is one of the best aspects of the entire year. How good is it? It’s so good that I’m saving it for the end of this forecast.

Monday sees the exact Mercury sextile Venus aspect. Sure, when it comes to life’s big picture, this aspect sounds like sort of a lightweight. And yes, it kind of is. But when it comes to how you relate to others, Mercury sextile Venus can be a wonderful way to communicate what you think, need and feel with kindness, consideration, and artfulness. Isn’t that a whole lot better than the brick-throwing we all seem to have engaged in recently?

The artfulness that Venus brings to Mercury is going to come in handy this week, because Tuesday is the day that Mercury retrograde begins. If you’ve been following astrology for a while, you already know how scrambled your communications and short trips and agreements can get with Mercury retrograde. And if you’ve been reading this forecast lately, you know I’ve been using it to nag my American friends to make sure they are registered to vote. Get that done before Tuesday and I promise I’ll leave you alone about the subject from now on, okay?

Tuesday and Thursday also sees a couple of zodiac events that could make for some tension in your relationships. First on Tuesday, Sun opposite Mars is exact. This will be a fantastic opportunity for you to feel dragged out, low on energy, and perhaps a bit overly aggressive when it comes to asserting yourself. Good thing there’s nothing else going on this week that could contribute to that!

Oh, wait. Thursday brings the exact Sun square Pluto aspect. Maybe you should just play it safe and stay at home, stay off the internet, and stay in bed. Or at the very least, be careful about who and what you trample.

All of the above will still be in effect, by the way, on Sunday when Sun square Saturn is exact and everything is more or less a big drag.

So what was that awesome aspect I was talking about at the beginning of this forecast that I saved until the end? This is also the week that Jupiter sextile Neptune is exact. This is a time to reach out to your higher self and to recognize that, despite all the high-grade crap going on out there, there is still hope. No matter how messed up the world may seem right now, when the dust settles we’re still going to need each other. Focus on that and not only will it get you through the week, it could put you in your world in a much better place in the long run.

We now end the sermon with a song. Please go to YouTube now and meditate upon the deep mysteries of Love Train by the O’Jays. Here endeth the lesson.

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