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There is an astrological elephant in the room this week. But first, let’s get the smaller news out of the way.

In a normal week, there would be plenty to write about, even without any elephants. On Monday, Venus opposite Mars will lend a certain highly-charged sexual change to your life. This could be good news if you’re looking to move a relationship to the next level, or if you have someone to play with. Or, depending on your circumstances, it could just be frustrating.

On Tuesday, Mercury re-enters Scorpio, and Sun trine Neptune is exact. These two features blend nicely to lend a certain pleasant seriousness to how you feel about yourself and to your communications.

On Friday, Mars finally turns direct in Aries. This is an opportunity for us all to reenact the passions and perils we’ve experienced in the last two months or so. Try to take that experience and do better with it.

And on Sunday, a New Moon in Scorpio and Venus square Pluto means that potential frustrations around your love life or finances can push you into making a new beginning and hopefully doing better.

All of that is more than enough material for a weekly horoscope. But let’s keep it real. Let’s talk about that elephant.

Thursday brings us the exact Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. This is the last time that aspect will be in effect for about another twelve years. You’ve been feeling its effects for at least the last 2 or 3 weeks now, even if you didn’t realize it. And its effects will linger for another 2 to 3 weeks yet to come. But this is the week of maximum intensity for it.

Think of Jupiter as the part of you that believes the Universe follows some sort of order. In religious/spiritual terms: it’s not just the belief, it’s the rules and regulations that ideally make you and your world better.

Now think of Pluto as your urge for deep change. Sometimes deep change comes in the form of a thoughtful re-evaluation… and sometimes it comes in the form of shootings and car bombs.

My question to you is this. What do you intend to do with this energy?

I’m asking you, in a larger sense — and not just in terms of your relationships, which is the context I usually write in here. Did you notice the world is getting a little unhinged lately? Yeah. Me too. But you and I and everyone else need to realize that that larger picture is composed of smaller pieces. You and I are two of those pieces.

If your life and your world are running smoothly and you’re happy with the results, great! Now is the time to build on that. Are you frustrated, confused, or angry? It’s time for you to sit back and reevaluate why that is, and to use that energy very, very wisely.

And in either case, one or the other will apply to those around you, whether loved ones or complete strangers or anything in between. This week, right now, TODAY is a pivotal time in your life. Recognize that, and do what you can to make your world and mine better and happier places.

For God’s sake people, choose wisely.

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