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One of the biggest pieces of astrological news this week, as is sometimes the case, doesn’t happen this week at all. Even though Mars square Pluto isn’t exact for a few weeks, Mars is picking up speed and is about to be “within orb” of the square. Remember what a delight October was? If you didn’t self-medicate your way through the whole thing, you do. And if you did? Send some my way, because 2020 is ending with more than one bang.

One way to still your troubled mind in times like these is to reach out and grasp onto higher spiritual truths, seriously study the situation you face, or simply read or watch something that amuses and entertains you. This week is loaded with opportunities for all of those things, and (given what is to come) it would be a shame to waste them. Yeah, I know, Mercury transits aren’t usually all that sexy — but pay attention.

The week begins with Mercury trine Neptune. This can be a time when meditation or prayer or reading Marcus Aurelius or what ever floats your “meaning of life” boat can be more beneficial than usual. And really, no matter how firm your grip on reality is, doesn’t it seem like your grip (or perhaps reality itself) has been kind of slippery this year?

Mercury trine Neptune will be in effect until the end of the week, when the volume on Mercury and all your thoughts and words kick into overdrive. On Friday, Mercury sextile Pluto is exact. This will add a dash of deeper-than-usual insight into your observations. It’s a particularly good time for research projects, solving puzzles, and “doing your own research” (as so many people love to say on the Internet).

If that all sounds like some kind of homework assignment to you, you might still enjoy this week’s Mercury activity anyway. That’s because on Saturday, Mercury sextile Jupiter is exact. Whether your travels are real or you’re simply taking trips into your own mind, the conditions are excellent.

So now: why all this emphasis on Mercury and intellectual pursuits? Because, depending on your circumstances, staying in your head might be safer than going out and putting yourself on the market. You see, Venus is in Scorpio. That placement has always had a bit of a reputation for being less of a sweetheart and more of a “bad girl” than most other Venus placements. But this week, Venus opposite Uranus is going to turn up the volume on that stereotype. That aspect is in effect for most of the week, and is at its strongest on Friday… just in time for Date Night. Now if you’re in a relationship, that’s great. Why not experiment and get a little creative with it? But if you’re just looking for a hookup, things could get quickly out of hand… like that time in college when I —

(EDITOR’S NOTE: No, Matthew. Just… no)


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