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If you read much astrology on the internet, you will have occasionally come across articles with clickbait-worthy titles like, “Astrology says tomorrow is the luckiest day of the year,” or, “It’s the best week of the year to fall in love according to the stars.” Usually this is a result of one or two transits plus a heavy dose of hyperbole. However, in that spirit, allow me to offer this:


Why the dumbest? First of all, Mercury begins the week still retrograde. In fact, it is just coming off of Mercury square Saturn, which was exact last Sunday. This aspect is not really brilliant for sharpening your critical thinking skills, or making wise decisions about shouting things at people, figuratively or literally.

And have you noticed all the shouting out there? That’s right, Mars in Aries is still square Pluto and Jupiter. Even if Mercury wasn’t in as shaky a condition as it is, it would still be prime time to make the wrong decision with either your sex drive or your temper, both of which could be amplified.

Mercury retrograde finally ends on Tuesday. That should come as a relief, but keep in mind that Mercury is still impaired for a while after a retrograde, while it is in the so-called “shadow period.” So don’t expect communications and short trips and things to go particularly smoothly on Tuesday. Or, you know, other things. Things like “standing in line” and “finding your name on a registration list” or “casting ballots” or “counting ballots.” Are you listening, America?

And then sure enough, on Friday, Mercury is square Saturn again! This basically means that the entire week is going to be annoying and confusing. My honest advice is to stay home and avoid people as much as possible. That’s because although it’s not exact until next week, Venus is approaching the opposition to Mars. Poor little old Venus in Libra is about to walk into the meat-grinder that Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn have been providing. And it all starts with an opposition to Mars. That aspect will make for a big increase in sex drives and sexual frustration. This sort of thing, you may have noticed, often leads to unwise personal decisions. But hey, at least that time it won’t be Mercury’s fault! A change is as good as a rest, right?

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