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Even if you aren’t very religious, at some point you have probably heard this quote from 1 Corinthians, popular at weddings all over North America:

Love is patient, Love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

This week, in both your love life and with all your human relations, imagine a thick, pounding techno beat in your head, and dance to it — with “Love is patient, Love is kind” on a loop as the vocal track… and dance to that tune all week long.

Why? Because, even though it doesn’t form any exact aspects this week, Mars is the major player in this week’s astrology…. and a cranky and difficult Mars it is. Mars turned direct at 15° Aries on Friday and is just now starting to pick up momentum as it gets back to the difficult business of leaving the sign it rules. It spends the entire week grinding away at the center of Aries, which means it is only beginning the square to Jupiter. Think back to the second half of July this year and everything that started going off the rails back then. Yeah, it’s that time again.

Normally in a situation like this, when it comes to how you relate to others, we would look to Venus to provide a little sweetness and comfort. But of course, because it’s 2020, we don’t get that either this week. Venus square Pluto was exact last Sunday, but it still overshadows the week. Your hungers will get hungrier, your itches will get itchier, and they both may be harder to service.

Now add to that Venus square Jupiter, which is exact on Monday but likewise taints the whole week. This aspect adds a certain impulsiveness, whether that involves racing towards an illusory emotional goal, or racing towards the baked goods in the middle of your attempts to diet.

In the event any of the above aspects lands you in trouble with a loved one, normally you’d be able to rely on Mercury to give you the ability to talk your way out of it. And again, we have another frustrated planet. On Tuesday, Mercury opposite Uranus is exact. This will add a certain quirkiness to your thoughts and words, and not that charming romantic comedy kind of quirkiness, either. Think of this aspect being a little like Dr Frankenstein. The man had some brilliant ideas, but he gave little reason for the village below his castle to appreciate them.

That not enough for you? There’s more! On Thursday, Venus square Saturn is exact. Normally this aspect might cast a chilling effect on your relationships and the things that make you happy. Given the week ahead, though? Maybe a little chilling is a good thing. Just try to be kind to each other, okay people?

If by the end of the week you simply feel like cutting loose and getting nasty with someone (nasty in the good way, that is), the end of the week provides some release as Venus enters Scorpio. Yes, Venus in Scorpio has a reputation for being a bit of a “bad girl.” But, take it from me: after a stressful week, blowing off a little steam with a “bad girl” could be exactly the thing you need.

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