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Because we have now all gone through the looking glass, into a world where dogs meow and cats bark, the next paragraph of this forecast will give you deliberately bad advice. Don’t worry — I’ll explain before we’re done.

The week starts with Venus square Neptune. This is a wonderful time to fall madly in love with someone or something, regardless of how impractical or foolish or wrongheaded that choice may be. So dive right in during the early part of this week, give your heart away, and don’t listen to your head. Let ‘er rip!

Yes, I will circle back to this point at the end of this forecast.

The highlight of the week is on Thursday, which brings us the Full Moon in Scorpio. Even people who don’t know astrology know that things can get particularly out of hand with the emotions during a Full Moon. And even people who don’t know astrology have heard whispers about how scary Scorpio can be. Although both of these are cliches, there’s something special about a Full Moon in Scorpio. If you recognize those energies and are willing to work with them, you can either avoid the worst of it, or make the best of it. What should you do with it, though? Let me put it to you this way: have the circumstances of your life in the last couple of months left you in a crazier position than usual? Yeah, me too. Watch your mood.

Other than these two warnings about potential craziness this week, the forecast actually calls for relatively clear thinking. Mercury is getting some decent aspects for once. Thursday brings us Mercury sextile Neptune, which is a great opportunity to integrate your intuition with your logic. Be creative with your mundane communications. Be logical with your fantasies. Those may be opposites, but this might be the week you can get those two different impulses to work well together.

The weekend continues to be an excellent time for expressing yourself. On Saturday, Mercury trine Pluto is exact. This means that your logical functions will have extra punch and extra ability to see through veils. And on the next day, Mercury trine Jupiter could very well literally give you big ideas. Why not make a plan and follow it through?

Now, finally: why did I start this forecast with some bad advice about foolishly handing your heart over to someone or something when you should clearly know better? Because next week Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn all turn retrograde. That’s right folks, we are all going to get to face a rerun of how things have been in the last couple of months. So why not celebrate in advance by doing something completely insane before you genuinely lose your mind?

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