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Mars is not usually associated with gentleness, or taking it easy, or the things we can discuss easily in polite society. Mars demands action. This week, Mars is getting two important aspects from other planets. That will provoke it in one way or another. And one of those aspects is going to be a lot easier to deal with than the other one.

In fact, the entire week is book-ended by major Mars activity. On Monday, Mars trine Neptune is exact. This can be a very sweet and dreamy aspect, and it can make for warm and fuzzy thoughts and new and unusual sexual attractions. There’s a certain glamorous quality to it. That’s fantastic for romance, but keep in mind that the original meaning of glamour is “illusion.” Are you investing yourself wisely with this new attraction? Hard to say, isn’t it?

On Thursday, Sun trine Saturn is exact, and that may help you make a little more solid sense out of your affairs. This should help offset (at least somewhat) the fuzzy effects of Mars trine Neptune.

Also on Thursday, Venus trine Jupiter is exact. Yes, I know that sounds like a fun and wonderful time for big, new romantic opportunities — and you’re probably right. However, that free expression of affection can also manifest itself in other ways. Make sure you keep an eye on your budget and your diet.

If you have any important detail work or contracts to sign or anything like that, you might want to get that out of the way early in the week. On Saturday, Mercury square Neptune is exact. Mercury is already a bit wobbly, having just recently turned retrograde. The square from Neptune, though? That’s just going to make detail work and thinking things through and following plans all that much more difficult.

…And that’s a shame, because we could all use a little rationality this upcoming weekend, because that’s when the second big Mars aspect hits its exact degree. Saturday brings us Mars opposite Pluto. Few aspects are as tense and loaded with potential for misadventure as this one. There will be clashes and power plays, and a lot of generally disgruntled people out there. Of course, if you need to perk up your sex life, this energy can be used for that, too. Just keep in mind that once you’re outside of the bedroom, you can still have a clash with someone. Best to stay in bed just to be safe…

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