Love Horoscope for the Week of May 3 —

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Overall, the romantic tone of this week is fairly good and pleasant. It may not be the smartest of weeks, and it may not be the most productive, but it will be good for loafing around with a loved one… or loafing around trying to attract one.

As for the “not smart” part of the week? That’s due to two aspects that are exact on Monday and can be felt throughout most of the week. First of all, that’s when Mercury square Jupiter is exact. That might fill your head with a lot of bold and innovative ideas that, frankly, just don’t pan out or don’t turn out to be practical. But hey, a little dreaming never hurt, did it?

Mercury doesn’t stay impaired for too long, though. Monday is also the day it enters Gemini. Mercury rules Gemini, so all else being equal, thoughts and communications might start working out better for you. Also: keep in mind that Mercury enters its pre-retrograde “shadow period” on the 14th. Get your paperwork done soon!

The other major aspect that is exact on Monday is Sun square Saturn. That particular aspect can be a drag on energy levels in general. Good thing I prescribed loafing for the rest of the week!

On Thursday, Jupiter reaches the 29th degree of Aquarius and stays there until the 14th. The last degree of any sign is called “the anaretic degree,” and it tends to make a planet particularly powerful. Jupiter is the planet most often associated with partnerships, commitment, and marriage. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should go marry someone this week, but it’s a good time to reaffirm any commitments you may already have.

It seems unusual to have a romance forecast where Venus doesn’t show up until the end, doesn’t it? That’s because Venus starts the week coming off of the effects of last week’s Venus sextile Neptune. That aspect is wonderful for the pursuit of love and pleasure, but it’s a little too soft for its own good, and doesn’t really advertise its presence. But by the end of the week the tone shifts again.

On Saturday, Venus enters Gemini. At this point, a lot of astrologers would make some kind of Gemini-related wisecrack about “talking someone into something,” or something like that. I, of course, do not deal in such clichés, so I will just say that Venus in Gemini is a wonderful time for starting a conversation, and possibly getting involved in two relationships at once.

Darn it. Those Gemini clichés are so hard to avoid some days, aren’t they?

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