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There is only one significant change in the astrological conditions this week, but it’s a very big and important one. Actually, it could be kind of minor. Or not. Actually, there’s two, but I’ll get the other one later.

(The preceding paragraph was brought to you by Sun in Gemini. Could you tell?)

On Monday, Mars sextile Uranus is exact. Mars is currently in Pisces, approaching the conjunction to Neptune. This is potentially a very moody and irritable placement, and one should approach one’s temper and one’s sex drive with a particular degree of caution and discernment this week. When Mars makes a positive aspect to Uranus, like the sextile, it is often a good time to start challenging your limitations and put your ambition to work. Certainly though, for good or ill, Mars in Pisces is emotional.

However, you may have noticed that lately we live in — as the ancient Chinese curse puts it — interesting times. It’s easy to see how a sudden burst of energy and a need to socialize after having been locked up for months could lead to a whole lot of people running out and going on dates and getting their hair done and getting manicures when they don’t really need to. That’s just human nature.

But as humans, we also have the ability to regulate our impulses. We can stop ourselves from going too far with things, or from taking unnecessary risks. We might be monkeys, but at least we are thinking monkeys, with logic and reason on our side.

Of course, some of you were willing to blow off this pandemic weeks ago, before the corpses started stacking up and hospitals in some areas had to start renting vans to store the dead. So naturally some of you now — as lockdown begins to lift in many of your vicinities — will want to get right out there and whoop it up as much as possible.

That’s all fine and well, I suppose. But what really worries me is that on Thursday, Mercury enters Cancer. Normally I wouldn’t make a big deal about Mercury changing signs at all. But with all the stress and all the pressure and all the worry being laid on top of a soul by recent events, Mercury changing from data-collecting Gemini into emotional Cancer is a little worrisome. It sounds a little too much to me like an opportunity to make some decisions based on feelings rather than logic — and that can have consequences.

So what does this all have to do with love, given that this is after all a “love horoscope”? Let me remind you that there are all kinds of love, and certainly romantic love is a part of that. But this week I want everyone to make an effort to show a different kind of love. A kind of love, specifically, that involves being responsible and governing oneself like an adult. So, please allow me to gently remind you: if you had enough and you want to get out and date and party and mingle this weekend, there are plenty of people in the world other than you. And many of them are elderly or have compromised immune systems or have asthma or respiratory problems or high blood pressure or have genetic conditions or are on chemotherapy and must not be exposed to COVID-19. At all.

Show those people some love this week by staying home a little longer, okay?

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