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Last week, as you may recall, I bemoaned the current astrological state of things for love and romance, what with Venus square Neptune in effect. This week that aspect is still in effect, and will be exact again this week. That’s because of retrograde Venus. And yes, Jupiter and Saturn are both retrograde now too, slowly grinding back through the degrees where they have caused plenty enough mayhem the last few months.

But this week, screw it. I’m going to be optimistic! Your overall romantic conditions are actually slightly better in some ways this week, so let’s not fret too much over what kind of shape Venus is in, shall we? She’s survived worse than this before, and she’ll make it through this relatively small storm this week — and so will you.

Many of you in self-isolation have taken to online learning. I think that’s great. And if you were doing that, or thought about it? Think of this week’s transits in particular as a free online course in “Gemini.”

On Wednesday, the Sun enters Gemini. There are plenty of places out there where you can look up what sort of birthday presents a typical Gemini likes, but I’m going to add a new spin on that advice. Since birthday presents this year largely mean stuff you bought online for someone and had sent to their place? Gemini would probably (all else being equal) enjoy opening several small boxes instead of one large one. Try it!

On Friday, there is a New Moon in Gemini. I always tout New Moons as a time when you can start getting your act together for the month ahead. Since we are talking about Gemini, try setting your mind towards activities that involve collecting information. In other words: commit to doing 30 seconds worth of research before you start re-posting patent falsehoods on Facebook, okay?

Friday is also the day that Mercury conjunct Venus is exact. Even though Venus is retrograde, a Mercury-Venus conjunction can often make for sweet thoughts, kind words, and well-crafted love notes. Yes, this conjunction includes a retrograde Venus, and yes Venus is still very closely square Neptune. But Mercury is in good shape, as Gemini is one of the signs that Mercury rules.

So think of it this way: yes, overall, this may not be the greatest of times for making big romantic decisions. But at least Mercury is strong and you’ll be able to talk yourself out of it. Or, you know… make a good pitch for it, whichever you decide. Have fun!

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