Love Horoscope for the Week of May 17 —

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Venus and Mars both continue to do their “odd couple” magic in terms of relationships this week. Venus in Gemini lays on the chatter and the charm, and Mars in Cancer is… touchy-feely? Sensitive? Yes. Let’s go with that. People born with Mars in Cancer gets sick and tired of hearing about how it’s a debilitated placement. For further details this week, we need to drill down into what the other planets are doing.

The week begins with Sun trine Pluto. This can be a great time to do things to make yourself feel better, or to boost the self-esteem of someone else. And isn’t that what romance should be about, at least in part? Sometimes a little unexpected compliment can work wonders.

The one big aspect Venus gets this week is on Wednesday, and it just might be the thing to make you cautiously optimistic about your love life. Venus trine Saturn may not sound sexy, but it’s incredibly stabilizing, whether we are talking about your love life or your finances, or even your diet. See? There’s hope for us all yet!

On Thursday, the Sun enters Gemini. A birthday is a time when we celebrate our egos, in a sense. If any of your friends or loved ones born in early Gemini (or late Taurus) are a little too hung up on themselves this birthday, there’s a reason for that. Sun square Jupiter is exact on Friday. Whether you are an early Gemini or not, this aspect can make things get overblown for little or no good reason. Try not to get too high on your own supply.

Of course, if you screw that up, you can always use your words to talk your way out of it. Or can you this time? On Saturday, Mercury square Neptune is exact. That’s a lovely and fuzzy placement for pondering love poetry, but it’s not very useful when it comes to carefully crafted apologies. Also, keep in mind that we are now in the Mercury retrograde shadow period, which means your Mercury functions are likely to be a little more clouded than usual anyway. Also, keep in mind that Mercury retrograde begins on the 29th, so get your paperwork wrapped up now. You’ve been warned.

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