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Who would have thought that the sexiest day of the week would be Monday? First of all, although the exact aspect was yesterday, Venus conjunct Uranus is still in effect. That will make social situations and flirting a little more intense, a little more fun, and a little more weird (maybe). What makes the conjunction even more significant than usual is that there is relatively little aspecting it from any of the other planets. Think of it this way: if Venus conjunct Uranus makes for new and unusual attractions, that energy is less likely to be restrained than usual when it happens. Good times!

Further heightening the emotional tone on Monday is a Full Moon in Virgo. As we all know, a Full Moon can amp up the hormones. And Virgo may have a reputation for being shy and demure, but as I have said here before: the difference between a wallflower Virgo and a party-monster Virgo is approximately three drinks.

And if you really need an excuse to go out and have a good time with a current or potential love interest? Monday is also the day that Mercury retrograde ends. That certainly seems like it deserves celebrating, doesn’t it?

Overall moods should be pretty good this week. On Wednesday, Sun sextile Jupiter is exact. This may not be the most powerful of planetary aspects, but it can usually be counted on to make people a bit happier and a little more bouncy overall. Furthermore, this aspect will stay in effect for the rest of the week. And on Saturday Sun sextile Pluto is exact. This will give us all the opportunity to bust open things that may have hurt our egos in recent times, and likewise to ask for forgiveness from those we may have wronged.

“That’s great Matthew, but what about sex?” many of you will be saying. To you, I have two answers. First of all, thanks for asking, but I’m really behind on my writing deadlines. Second, one of the best aspects you could ask for when it comes to gettin’ down with it is also exact on Saturday. Mars sextile Neptune combines two very different energies with a pleasant aspect that can make for wonderful results. Mars rules sex (but most specifically, that frisky and urgent element of sex). Neptune has a lot to do with charm and charisma. In fact, many astrologers refer to Neptune as “the higher octave of Venus.” If you know your astrology, you know that Venus sextile Mars is good for sex drives, so maybe Mars sextile Neptune represents… higher sex? At least, that’s the theory. Why not find a volunteer this weekend to help you test that hypothesis?

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