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As you may recall, last week’s forecast was heavy on the Venus action, with lots of sweetness and shine. This week though, Mars takes the driver’s seat, and it’s time to start getting busy with it.

The biggest and most important aspect of the week, whether we are talking relationships or not, is exact the night leading into Monday but casts its spell over the rest of the week. Mars trine Saturn is a particularly remarkable combination, and you ignore it at your own peril. Mars is currently in Gemini, and Gemini is ruled by Mercury. In theory this means that Mars, which rules things like losing your temper and falling into bed with someone, should be more amenable to reason and logic.

Not so fast with that though. Keep reading.

The aspect to Saturn means these two planets, normally known as “malefics,” can and will work together closely with each other. This can be a good thing though. If you are looking for a genuinely constructive outlet for your Mars energy, or need to boldly address an issue in your personal or professional life, this week could be prime time. In romance terms? It might be time to go get yourself some good lovin’.

But remember: there was a warning that came with this. Mercury is ruled by Mars, and on Tuesday night Mercury square Mars is exact. Things can often go astray when a planet finds itself in conflict with the ruler of the sign that it is in. And, let’s be honest… Mercury in Pisces does not have the reputation for being particularly good at thinking things through and being rational. So, you might think it’s a perfectly good time to hit on your boss, for example… but don’t be a dope and do it in the middle of a board meeting. Or in front of the boss’s spouse.

Venus, representing the softer and gentler side of romantic relationships, is in a bit of peril herself. On Friday, Sun conjunct Venus is exact. This is not necessarily bad news, but a planet conjunct the Sun often gets a little burned out and loses its effect. This might be especially true given that we are talking about the sign of Aries, which is a fire sign… and once again, not a sign associated with slow and cautious thought processes.

So if you want your week to be a wild and crazy time (hopefully in a good way) all the tools are at your disposal. If you end up making a mess of things and want to make peace with someone, your luck may be out this week though. On Sunday there is a Full Moon in Libra, and Full Moons don’t have the reputation for being all that rational either. At least this one is within trine range of Saturn, so something constructive may arise. That is, if you can wrap your head around the idea of a “constructive werewolf.” A Full Moon is still a Full Moon.

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