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Okay. I admit it. The last couple of weeks haven’t exactly made for the greatest of conditions around improving or advancing your love life. That’s going to change, I promise! We just have one more lump of bad news to get through.

Venus starts the week in reasonably rough shape. First of all, Aries is not the best neighborhood for Venus to be hanging out in. What’s more, we are coming off of last week’s Venus square Pluto. This has made a lot of people’s emotional longings more demanding. Unfortunately, the start of this week does very little to help fulfill those longings.

Venus square Saturn is exact on Tuesday. That means that most of this week, you’re likely to have a hard time finding emotional fulfillment where normally you might expect to. It’s also not the greatest of aspects to start a new relationship under. Sticking with your relationship and your diet and your budget are all going to require more work for less reward.

That doesn’t mean the news is all bad this week. Like I said — bear with me on this. On Wednesday, Mercury sextile Venus is exact. This is kind of a lightweight aspect that is easy to ignore, but can be of great use if you’re willing to work with it. It marks a time of increased creativity and a better ability to express yourself and your feelings. If nothing else, successful relationships are built on communication, and even though Mercury is still retrograde, this aspect from Venus will help.

Also on Wednesday, as Mercury stumbles backwards into Aquarius, Venus enters Taurus. It’s an oversimplification to say that Venus rules Taurus, therefore everything to do with your love life is going to improve dramatically. However, Venus in Taurus is certainly much more likely to help your cause than Venus in Aries was.

Ever had a rough two or three weeks at work, then get a break and feel like partying hard? That’s pretty much the condition Venus will find itself in by the end of the week. First of all, on Sunday — but in effect for a few days beforehand — Venus conjunct Uranus is going to liven things up. Like, really liven things up. If what your love life needs is to be shaken up, or broken down and reassembled, this is an ideal time to do so.

Then again, if that’s what you plan to do with this weekend, maybe you should consider having a designated driver, literally or figuratively. On Sunday, we will be on the build-up to a Full Moon in Virgo. I know: Virgo doesn’t sound particularly crazy to most of you, but keep in mind that this Full Moon happens with the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces, and that aspect is getting boosted by sextiles from both Mars and Jupiter. The Full Moon is exact on Monday, but it will tend to make most of this weekend a little wilder than usual. Have fun with it!

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