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On Monday, the gravitational field of a previously-undetected gigantic space whale will cause the planet Mercury to go retrograde again.

Ha! Kidding. But seriously, it may very well seem that way. On Monday, Mercury enters Pisces. As you may know, Pisces is considered to be a debilitated placement for Mercury. When it’s in that sign, Mercury doesn’t do its best with the facts, figures and details that planet is normally in charge of. On top of that, Mercury is still in what’s called “the shadow period” of the recent retrograde, and that lasts until the 29th of March. That’s not as wonky as an actual retrograde, but it’s a close second.

Mercury is in range of the sextile to Uranus all this week, with the exact aspect happening on Sunday. Normally I’d be saying things about how Mercury sextile Uranus will make for bold new ideas and innovative thinking. That’s still true of course, with the warning again about Mercury in Pisces not being the sharpest tool in the shed, and Taurus isn’t exactly a comfortable place for Uranus to be in either. Make sure your bold stroke of genius really is that brilliant after all before making it a policy.

Thursday is the day that Sun sextile Saturn is exact, and shortly after that the Sun enters Pisces. If your ego (or that of someone close to you) has taken some hits recently, this is an excellent opportunity to put things right. Also, it’s a good time to remember when all of your Pisces friends’ birthdays are going to be. You wouldn’t want to forget that. They are very sensitive creatures.

Just in time for Friday night, we get to bask in Mars conjunct Jupiter. As far as dating and socializing goes, this is a particularly good aspect. Jupiter adds lightness and levity to all the seriousness you would normally expect from Mars in Capricorn. This aspect will also tend to turn up the volume on people’s sex drives. Get out there and have some fun, and remember if you’re getting someone’s phone number, make sure you are getting it right.

As the weekend progresses, you might feel those sex drives getting turned up even more. That’s because (although it’s not exact until next week) Mars is approaching the conjunction with Pluto. Come to think of it, with Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto all very close to being exactly conjunct each other, things may get a little too hot and heavy for your comfort.

On Saturday, Saturn enters Aquarius. This is far too big an astrological event to cover within the purview of a weekly horoscope, but I figured it deserved mentioning. And hey, if for some reason you actually enjoyed Saturn in Capricorn? Fear not. Thanks to a retrograde, Saturn will be back in that sign in a few months.

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