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In this week’s astrology, there is a shift in tone from the first part of the week to the end. We are just coming off of the exact Venus-Neptune conjunction, which is still going to make everything sweet and light throughout much of the week.

But, the intense sighs and cuddles are not done yet. On Thursday, Venus sextile Pluto is exact. Normally these two planets represent very different energies. Venus wants to bake you cookies. Pluto wants to turn on the oven, and possibly burn something down along the way. But when you put the two together, they make a surprising combination of sweet and salty that can create some excellent romantic breakthroughs.

And who (or what) is better than “breaking through things” than Aries? On Saturday morning, the Sun enters Aries. This is a great time to think ahead and mark your calendar as to when all your Aries friends’ birthday parties are, because they don’t take being forgotten all that well.

Then on Sunday, Venus enters Aries. I could get a lot of mileage out of how Pisces is the “exalted” placement for Venus, and how the downshift to Venus in Aries (where Venus is “debilitated”) can be kind of jarring, and I’d be mostly right. The simple truth though is that, although Venus in Pisces is a wonderfully romantic placement, it can be a little hard to work with. Unapproachable, perhaps… or maybe a little too much in its own head to make a move. Venus in Aries, however? That energy can be easier to work with. It’s a bit like that kid in school who had a crush on you and didn’t know how to express it appropriately, but at least you knew somehow that interest was being expressed.

If it seems like the Mars energy is building up in the second half of the week, though, there is more to it than simply the Sun and Venus entering Aries. Just as this week began with an exact aspect from last week, the week ends with an aspect that isn’t exact until Sunday night — but is still an influence over most of this week. Just as Venus sextile Pluto had a lot of depth and compassion going for it, Mars trine Saturn is punchy, dynamic, and very goal-oriented.

In other words, this week’s a little like someone who is sitting in the back of the bar quietly letting everyone notice how good-looking they are, then moving in for the kill an hour before closing time. Oh, that kind of approach to your love life doesn’t sound very romantic? You honestly should get to know more Aries people with Venus in Aries. They will school you on how romance doesn’t always have to be hearts and flowers. Sometimes romance is a matter of selecting a target and moving in to take your shot.

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