Love Horoscope for the Week of March 1 —

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As all of the major aspects that are making 2021 so challenging are still carrying on, this week we are presented with some opportunities to shift the tone. And because we’re here to talk about love and romance, that’s excellent news, because both Venus and Mars are star attractions this week!

On Wednesday, Venus sextile Uranus is exact. This can lend added spark to an otherwise stale situation, make for some additional excitement in your love life, and perhaps even lead to something new and thrilling. It’s a good time to learn a new recipe or write a love letter or even just find creative new ways to make a buck. This aspect doesn’t particularly do much for us as far as stability or sensibility. But really, if all you want is stable and sensible all the time, why bother with having a love life at all?

Also on Wednesday, Mars enters Gemini. Whenever Mars changes signs, it usually makes for an alteration to the general sexual energy that’s going around out there. Mars in Taurus is generally considered to not be the greatest of placements. It can be sensual, but stubborn and a little hard to get started. It’s a bit like a big expensive truck that needs a push to get started. Mars in Gemini, on the other hand? It would be a bit too much of a cliché for me to say that it will make it easier to talk someone into bed (sorry Gemini, always with the “talking” bit — but you know it’s kind of true.). At the very least, Mars in Gemini should prove to be more sociable than Mars in Taurus was.

Mars will be in Gemini between this Wednesday and April 23, and will make some really constructive aspects to everything that’s in Aquarius right now. In general this means that there should be positive usage for your Mars energy, whether using it for sex, exercise, or just cutting through some obstacles. Stay tuned in the following weeks here and I’ll keep you up-to-date on the timing. You’ll want to take advantage of it before Mars enters Cancer, and the sulking starts.

Finally, on Thursday night, Mercury is conjunct Jupiter. This will make for some big and bright ideas, many of which can be used to improve your relationships. Since this conjunction is happening in Aquarius, your new thinking and ways of expressing yourself could prove to be particularly innovative or unusual. Let’s hope that’s in a good way: Mercury is still in the “shadow period” after the retrograde and is still feeling a little wonky…

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