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This week’s transits for love and romance are a bit of a confusing mess. Then again, love and romance can often be a confusing mess, can’t they? Let’s see how we can best the hand we’ve been dealt this week!

Venus is still retrograde in Gemini. Normally a retrograde Venus isn’t a complete red flag for starting a new relationship or maintaining one, but it comes with certain cautions. Like, for example? You’re more likely to get messages from your ex. That’s nice if you want your ex back, of course… but why are you exes in the first place? Nostalgia can be misleading.

Further complicating the Venus situation is that it’s not making any major aspects to any other planets this week. This will tend to increase difficulties with you gaining any traction in your love life.

As for the “sex” component of the love and romance equation? That’s Mars. Mars finds itself in interesting territory this week. Pisces is not usually considered to be a great place for Mars to be hanging around in, but it can certainly be sensual. The only real problem is that this week it’s almost as if Mars has had a little too much to drink.

Mars is conjunct Neptune, which is exact on Saturday but influences most of this week and the next. It’s true that the influence of Neptune on any planet can elevate it and give it a spiritual dimension. So sure: if you’re already in a relationship, this might be a good week to take up tantra or something. The only problem here is that Neptune has a reputation for making things delusional. Since in some ways Neptune functions kind of like Venus, there is a case to be made here that this conjunction will turn up people’s sex drives. That’s great, except that for some — especially if you’ve been cooped up in self-isolation for too long — this could lead to some bad decisions. And you caught my warning about that ex of yours…?

Something else I should add is that Mars rules circulation. A Mars-Neptune conjunction can make for problems that way. You know, like with the circulation required for male anatomy to work. You know what I’m saying.

But if nothing else, odds are good that your love life and your personal relationships will likely run at least a little more smoothly than last week, even if that’s only because last week with such a mess.

Oh, and finally, I should mention that Mercury turns retrograde next week. Start proofreading those love letters now!

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