Love Horoscope for the Week of June 7 —

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Ever heard that old expression “stuck between a rock and a hard place”? This week’s forecast is a little bit like that. There are two major aspects that book-end this week that can make for a lot of tension.

Even though it hit the exact degree last week, Mars opposite Pluto is still in effect for the first part of this week. All else being equal, this will make for increased interpersonal tension, and more than the usual amount of general frustration. Passions will flare up — and not just the good ones.

As for that other aspect making this week so messy? Don’t worry, we’ll get to that later.

As far as romantic involvements go, the big news item this week is Mars entering Leo. Whenever the subject of Leo comes up, there’s always plenty to say about “dramatic flair.” If your love life needs shaking up, there’s at least a little truth to that. Keep in mind though the warning in that first paragraph if you decide to go at things too fast and furious for someone else’s liking.

The later part of the week is also influenced by Venus sextile Uranus, which is exact on Sunday. If you want to bring something fresh and exciting to your love life, whether you are in an established relationship or not, Venus sextile Uranus is an excellent aspect to get creative with things. That aspect will influence the second half of the week and spread throughout the weekend. Plan accordingly.

Now, about that other aspect? The one making this week so risky? It’s not exact until Monday the 14th, but you’ve already felt its effect recently, if not throughout the entire year. Monday is the second exact hit of Saturn square Uranus. Although a major aspect like this rarely manifests itself most powerfully on the day that it is exact, it seems to hang especially hard over life’s other proceedings. If you had a hard time getting it together this year in some department of your life, one where you need to find more structure and order, you will probably find this weekend and next week particularly difficult.

The good news? If you’re old enough to be reading this, you have probably gone through something at least as bad if not worse before. Am I the only guy who remembers the Saturn-Pluto conjunction? Anyway, keep going. I believe in you. Now play nicely with each other.

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