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Mars has entered Aries. Due to a long retrograde, Mars will remain in Aries until January 2021. Then on Wednesday, Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn. These two events combined mean that the second half of 2020 will be much like the first half, except meaner and more obnoxious.

That’s the forecast! Thanks for dropping by! Hope you enjoyed the show!

Okay, but seriously: you need to be aware of the above, even though it’s well beyond the purview of a weekly horoscope. That combination of planetary sign changes will have distinct effects this week. It is holiday season for many of us, and many of us live in places that have been in lockdown for some time. Even the homebodies are feeling the urge to get out and interact with people more. That’s all fine and well, but keep in mind that COVID-19 does not care in the least whether or not you miss hanging out in the local bar. The natural impatience that comes with Mars in Aries will make it harder to be mindful and to take all the precautions properly.

This is particularly important for all my American readers, who on Saturday (the 4th) will be participating in their annual ritual of heavy drinking and playing with explosives.

Further complicating things this week is Jupiter conjunct Pluto, which is exact on Tuesday. This aspect can lead to a lot of deep and thoughtful philosophical contemplation. It can also lead to big urges to make big trouble, to be overdemanding, and to conveniently forget that with freedom also comes responsibility. Keeping this in mind, take a look at the neighbors and the people you are likely to see this weekend, then ask yourself if Jupiter conjunct Pluto is more likely to manifest as a meditative retreat or a brawl.

Yeah, you got it. I’m staying home that weekend, too.

“But dude,” I hear some of you saying. “This is supposed to be a Love Horoscope! Why are you harshing my mellow?” To which I reply: that’s not really my intent. There are some signs of optimism. Like, Venus is no longer retrograde. That’s a start, isn’t it?

I think what I’m really trying to say here is that we are coming up on a problematic weekend at a time when things have already been problematic enough, thank you very much. What always wins the day though — in cases like this — is to be forewarned, be compassionate, and be kinder to ourselves and each other.

So please remember that when you’re out partying this weekend. And try not to worry too hard about that Lunar Eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn, which is exact in the early hours of Sunday, but means that Saturday is under the influence of a Full Moon.

So yeah, come to think of it, you just might be better off taking it easy on the socializing this weekend.

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