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This week is going to be one of those times when, although I will be talking about events specific to this week, there is something much larger brewing.

First of all, yes Mercury is still retrograde. This comes with all the usual precautions about thinking things through carefully, planning the route you take, proofreading, and so on.

And yes Venus is still retrograde in Gemini. However, that comes to an end on Thursday when Venus goes direct. In theory, this will make it a little easier than it has been of late to get something happening in your love life.

But now we need to talk about Mars. Mars is passing through the last degrees of Pisces. Any planet in the last degree of a sign is considered to be particularly strong, and Mars hits that 29th degree by Friday. This could make your ambitions, your aggression, and your sex drive a little harder to manage than usual. On top of that, although the exact aspects were last week, Mars is still within range of the sextile to Jupiter and Pluto.

The drive of Mars sextile Jupiter is strong, and the tenacity to overcome all obstacles is one of the strong points of Mars sextile Pluto. So it’s easy to see how on the one hand you could have a great week getting things done. On the other hand, if you are in one of the many areas where rules around isolation or self-quarantine are being relaxed? If you aren’t going to be reckless about it, someone else might be. So think twice before you go out to that bar, and make really sure you’re not too close to anyone.

This, however, is the really big message for this week, and ongoing:

I want you to stop and think about what the last 6 months have been like, both for the state of the world and you personally. I’m guessing that it at least partially sucked for you.

Now take all of the same outer planetary placements that led to the last 6 months being such a mess, other than Saturn (which returns to Capricorn in July, completing that picture). Now add to that six months of Mars in Aries. That’s right, Mars is going to be spending the entire second half of this year in Aries, thanks to an incredibly long and slow retrograde. And it all starts on Saturday when Mars enters that sign.

Deep breath, everyone. Make sure your helmet is on securely. It’s about to heat up again.

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