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Love Horoscope for the Week of June 14 — Sasstrology.com - The Church and School of Wicca

Love Horoscope for the Week of June 14 — Sasstrology.com

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On the face of it, the romantic potential for this week seems pretty good. But, why is there a sense of edginess hanging over everything? Let’s find out…

First off, Venus in Cancer continues to work its magic. Of all the Water signs, Cancer seems to be the place where Venus can provide both affection and practicality in a measured and reasonable way. And there are no serious transits messing with her this week. In fact, at the beginning of next week, Venus trine Neptune will be exact. That will tend to make romantic pursuits softer and dreamier, and will generally increase hearts-and-flowers urges across the board.

Meanwhile, Mars is in Leo. As with Venus in a Water sign, Mars in a Fire sign is at home with its actions. Specifically, Mars in Leo lends a lot of dramatic flair that Mars in Cancer simply can’t usually pull off. It’s almost as if Mars wants to shake off the restraints it felt when debilitated in Cancer by throwing a party. As the late great Purple One, Prince (who had some pretty prominent Leo in his chart) put it: “We want to play in the sunshine! We want to be free!” And honestly: After we all had to put up with Mars in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn recently, how can you argue?

There is another factor at play here that, on the surface, has nothing to do with astrology. People are getting vaccinated, restrictions are being eased, and for many of us this means a light at the end of the tunnel that the world has spent over a year crawling though. Still: party responsibly, people!

On Sunday, Jupiter turns retrograde. Although Pisces is a great neighborhood for Jupiter to hang out in, Jupiter retrograde can make things more challenging when it comes to commitments and committed relationships in general. If you need to do any bridge-building with someone, try to get it done earlier in the week.

So given that everything sounds pretty smooth overall for love and romance this week, why will so many of us feel heavy and out of sorts and maybe a little doomed?

The big aspect that has made much of 2021 such a pile of (insert language I shouldn’t be using on this site) is Saturn square Uranus. Although that aspect has been grinding away all year long, it makes the second of three exact hits on Monday. A big slow transit like that, in and of itself, rarely makes things go straight to hell on the day it is exact. But a big slow transit like this can certainly feel heavier as it approaches that exact hit. And no matter how well this week may go for you, don’t be too surprised if your enthusiasm is tempered with a sneaking suspicion that all is not as it appears, or as it should be. Imagine hearing, faintly in the background, the cellos and trombones and the tuba from the soundtrack to Jaws every time the shark is about to show up.

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