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My dear friends, I am pleased to bring you the good news about Venus square Mars, and how it will help us all gather together purposely for the cause of socializing!

(Turns on CNN, sees the current condition of Minneapolis)

Ahem. Let me rephrase that.

This week is loaded with all sorts of energy that can be put to great use in your love life and your human relations. Unfortunately, that energy isn’t coming in the most stable of forms, and it’s going to take some discernment to use it wisely.

When it comes to love and romance, the most important aspect of the week is exact on Tuesday night and affects the entire week. That’s when Venus square Mars will be ready, willing, and able to get you out there and interacting with others. Normally I’d say, “Great, but be careful not to jump into bed with the wrong person.” That certainly applies now, especially with so many of us emerging from self-isolation and more eager than ever to have a good time making potentially bad decisions for ourselves.

This particular square is going to be amplified by the Sun itself. Sun conjunct Venus is exact on Wednesday, feeding additional energy into the Venus-Mars square. In fact, the Sun will be fueling that square for the entire week, as it moves from the conjunction to Venus to the square with Mars on Saturday. This will have the net effect of making that relatively quick aspect a lot punchier than usual.

All of this is happening while Venus is still retrograde in Gemini. Venus retrograde isn’t always the best of times for romance. Often it is more likely to bring an unwanted ex back into your life than it is to propel your story forward. Also, let’s not forget that Mars in Pisces is much better at emotional responses than it is logical ones.

There’s a fair bit of hope this situation will turn out well for you, though. Mercury sextile Uranus influences the second half of the week, being exact on Friday. This should lead to new insights and new ways of thinking about life and about your relationships.

But if you prefer excitement? Friday also presents us with a Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Sagittarius. A lot of people get scared when they hear than an Eclipse is coming, and more often than not that’s unwarranted. An Eclipse, in and of itself, isn’t a potential disaster. It’s more like a potential surprise, and not all surprises are bad. If nothing else, it’s best to keep in mind that a Lunar Eclipse is essentially a Full Moon on steroids. Ask any cop or paramedic or emergency room nurse you may know how things go on the job when there is a Full Moon on the weekend. Trust me, you’ll hear some things.

If nothing else, use this energy wisely. Mars certainly gets things done, but Venus should be able to lend it a sense of style and grace and avoid the worst that Mars can bring.

(Turns on CNN again)

Or you know, really… it is possible to start dating online. Maybe staying inside for another week isn’t such a bad idea.

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