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In recent times it seems as if most people are angry at most other people for something or other. The ongoing Jupiter-Pluto conjunction seems to have us all opening one can of worms after the other, then complaining about why there are so many damned worms lying around. This week may present an opportunity to reach out with an open heart and in a spirit of healing.

Mercury stays retrograde until Sunday, but in terms of potential for Mercury-related screw-ups, this retrograde goes out with a bang. On Wednesday, Mercury square Mars is exact. Basically, take all of the usual warnings about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, getting lost on a short trip, coming to bad agreements and so on — and then add an extra dash of irrationality and impatience.

And about that Mars: as many of you have heard by now, Mars is going to be spending a ridiculously long stretch of time in Aries. Now is the time to start paying attention to how this transit affects you personally. Check out which department of your life is suddenly subject to sudden bouts of either ambition or anger. That’s what Mars in Aries is doing to you, and it’s going to keep doing that until January.

So where is all this love and light and reaching out stuff I was talking about? That arrives in the form of Venus sextile Chiron. I will admit that, compared to a lot of astrologers, I don’t spend a lot of time talking about Chiron. In part that’s because I don’t want to be a psychologist. Chiron issues are probably the sort of thing you should be discussing with a psychotherapist for three months rather than an astrologer. Nonetheless, we ignore Chiron at our peril. Or in this week’s case, if we ignore it we miss a valuable opportunity for healing.

Venus sextile Chiron is exact on Friday but has an influence on the entire week. This represents a quiet and easily overlooked opportunity that nonetheless you probably shouldn’t miss out on. Have you ever noticed that when someone is depressed, just telling them to cheer up doesn’t actually work? Or if someone is upset, telling them to settle down doesn’t do any good? Venus sextile Chiron is almost like a rare opportunity to make those statements work. Or rather, it represents a genuine chance to pour a little affection on your wounds and those of others and to get some results. As far as big results though? That of course is going to take a lot more work than one Venus sextile can provide. This could be a time to get a conversation started, either within yourself or with a loved one. Please don’t let it slide by. I know my world could use more of that sort of thing, and I’ll bet yours could too.

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