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Hey folks, do you enjoy making bad decisions for yourself? Well let me tell ya, you are going to absolutely love this week! This week is going to be absolutely jam-packed with opportunities for you to do the dumb thing, especially with your love life.

Remember a few weeks ago when Venus was retrograde in Gemini and was square Neptune? Do you recall all of my warnings about making unwise decisions with your heart and your wallet? As 20th century philosophers Bachman-Turner Overdrive put it, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Step right up for another round of Venus square Neptune! Venus might not be retrograde, but it is in arguably worse shape than it was before.

Venus square Neptune is often a time for fumbles and blunders with dating and diets, but it takes on a special spin when it’s in Gemini. Gemini has a reputation for sometimes overthinking things, which can be a bit of a buzzkill when it comes to the pursuit of love. What makes this week’s Venus so particularly dopey is the condition of the planet that rules Gemini. That’s right, Mercury is having an off week, too.

Mercury receives two aspects this week that will make it particularly impaired. First of all, it spends the week square Mars in Aries. Mercury square Mars is a lot better at making rash and impulsive decisions than simply thinking things through. Sometimes that Mars in Aries energy is exactly what we need to head-butt our way through life’s problems. And sometimes, that’s a terrible idea.

I’m going to go with the latter interpretation this week. You see, Mercury is also opposite Jupiter. This is a time for big ideas and big thinking. This too is often a good thing. Of course, that sort of thing reminds me of the guy who made himself a set of wings out of chicken feathers and attempted to fly jumping off his roof. This resulted in several broken bones. But I’m sure that if you play your cards wisely you won’t do any of your human relations too much serious harm. That’s because this is also the week that Jupiter sextile Neptune is exact. It’s a wonderful time for all your hopes and wishes to take practical form! Also: it’s a wonderful time to believe any damn fool thing you see on Facebook without fact-checking — just because you want to believe it!

Or, maybe I’m going to just hide under the bed just to be safe. See you all next week!

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