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All of our individual stories in life add to the collective, like one small piece of a very large puzzle. Regardless of what is going on with your individual life and your affections this week, we are being presented with an important opportunity as a collective to craft the future we want to see. This week is going to be pivotal in that regard.

On an individual level, the week starts with a New Moon in Cancer. The New Moon, if you work with its energies properly, can provide an opportunity to start building a life more like the one you want to have in one department or another. Since this New Moon is in Cancer, I personally recommend focusing on issues like self-care, and nurturing and protecting others.

Venus is no longer retrograde, but it is building to next week’s exact square with Neptune. Venus square Neptune is a time when one should be particularly cautious with one’s heart, finances, and diet. Try not to slip up with any of those, okay?

The big picture that I was referring to at the beginning of this horoscope is Jupiter sextile Neptune. Although this aspect is not exact until early next week, it has been in full effect for the last week or two now, and will continue to be so for the two weeks ahead. Sometimes it’s hard to see the bigger and longer transits within the perspective of an individual life. But this particular aspect is far more important than it will probably get credit for.

Jupiter sextile Neptune represents a chance for us to take our lofty and more philosophical goals in life and hook them in tandem with the spirit and optimism they need to come true. It can also be a time when our own personal foolishness leads us into believing dogmas that could take us to some very bad places. Discerning the difference between one of those and the other can be difficult, but try to be as rational and objective with it as possible.

The decisions you are making now and in the next couple of weeks, consciously or otherwise, can and will have a significant effect on your personal life and how your future unfolds. And I’m not just referring to your individual life either. As so many of us are now emerging from isolation, there is a profound urge to overdo it and be foolish with it, like a bunch of kids erupting from class on the last day of school.

Yes, I know many of you take comfort in thumping your chest and proclaiming your freedom and would rather post deceptive memes about how masks don’t work and suchlike. Hey, I get that. I don’t like being told what to do, either. And Lord knows I can’t dictate to you how to run your life. I just want to remind you that if you are out there and not taking the precautions and coughing and sneezing and talking and singing on other people, there will be consequences.

Yes, this is a “love horoscope.” But let’s not forget, whether are we talking about an individual or humanity as a whole, with great love comes great responsibility. Act like it.

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