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Don’t be fooled by the relative lack of major aspects happening this week, whether your love life is the main focus of your concerns or not. It’s true that on the surface of it there’s not a heck of a lot going on specific to this week. On the other hand, though? This week should be treated as a quiet space within which to prepare for something big that’s coming. Think of it as that calm scene filled with dialogue and characterization in the middle of an action movie between the explosions and car chases.

Only two major aspects are exact this week, and both of them involve the Sun. The Sun is, of course, the Ego. You need to have one of those in order to get what you want, and the Egos of others can often get in the way. Both may be a little overpowering this week.

On Tuesday, Sun opposite Jupiter is exact. This will make for a mood where you and others will want to overdo things. That can be good news, if you’re trying to work on yourself and be a better person. That can be bad news if your primary hobby is getting on the internet and trying to win arguments with people, or boss your partner into doing things your way. Sure, you’re feeling a little superior right now, but so is everyone else.

Things intensify on Wednesday when Sun opposite Pluto is exact. Take all of that Sun-Jupiter energy that’s making everyone a little too high on their own supply, and add a hungry edge to it. Again: think twice, speak once.

Meanwhile, Mars continues its long journey through Aries. This week, other than the occasional hit from the Moon, it forms no exact aspects. An unaspected planet can be a little like an unsupervised toddler. Sometimes that toddler can do something wonderful and creative, and sometimes that toddler’s actions will result in a call to 911. Be extra cautious with where you point your anger and your sex drive.

So what’s the next big explosion or car crash this is all leading up to? Actually, it’s a potentially very good one. Even though Jupiter sextile Neptune won’t be exact for another couple of weeks, it is now in effect. Jupiter sextile Neptune can be incredibly helpful, and can be a wonderful opportunity to make your world and your spiritual longings work together. The only problem is that it is a sextile, and that gentle aspect is easily missed among all the hubbub. Take the time this week to imagine a better world for yourself and take the first steps towards dreaming it into reality.

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