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There are some very large gears turning in the sky this week. Even though the purview of my work here is to cover “love and romance” one week at a time, there’s no way to discuss that this week without discussing some very large things that will have long-term consequences beyond whether or not “it’s a good week to have a romantic dinner.”

Let’s get the smaller news out of the way first, then. On Tuesday, Sun sextile Neptune is exact. This is a soft and quiet transit that doesn’t necessarily shout its presence, but it can be an excellent time to get better mileage out of small acts of thoughtfulness. Building on that, on Wednesday Mercury sextile Neptune is exact. This is going to have a similar effect to Sun sextile Neptune, but also improves your ability to convey that good will in a meaningful and well-worded manner.

Also this week: If it seems like you’ve been struggling more than you should to get things done your way and on your schedule, that could be because Uranus has been retrograde… but that ends on Friday. Remember that a stationary planet is a strong one, and this is a particularly good time to unleash your genius upon the world.

And now, it’s time to discuss the elephant in the room. There has been a particular kind of tension or stress in our lives because of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which has been in effect for months now. Sunday is the day that this aspect becomes exact. Even though something this big rarely manifests its full effect on the day of the exact aspect, at the very least you can expect Sunday to be particularly heavy for either yourself or someone close to you.

What’s adding a particular wild card to the proceedings is Friday’s Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 20° Cancer, which is closely opposite the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Even if this just manifests itself as a regular Full Moon for you, you’re going to find that emotional tensions are through the roof. As for those of you who are really worried about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction? I would point out that eclipses do bring surprises, but that not all surprises are bad ones.

So: feel free to hide under the bed this week. I can’t blame you. I’ll probably be there myself. Come back next week when, even though the Saturn-Pluto conjunction will still fully be in effect, there will be other and lighter news to discuss as well. Make sure you stay in one piece until then, and I’ll make sure I do the same.

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