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Congratulations, everyone, on surviving the great dumpster fire that was the year 2020! The previous year was sent hopelessly wobbling from the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January… so before the next big thing kicks in to make the year messy (more on that in a bit), let’s dive into some romance!

Although the most important aspect affecting love and romance won’t be exact until Saturday, it casts its charms across the entire week. That would be Venus trine Mars. A Venus-Mars aspect can do wonders for boosting sex drives, but this particular aspect has some unusual features. First of all, it takes place right when Venus and Mars both change signs.

Venus enters Capricorn on Friday. Generally speaking, this is a pretty solid placement for the pursuit of love, romance, finance, baked goods, and all the things Venus desires. Mars, on the other hand, leaves Aries on Wednesday and enters Taurus.

(A brief aside about that: Mars was in Aries entirely too long, thank you very much)

Mars in Taurus is considered to be a relatively debilitated placement. It tends to be stubborn and not know who or what to lash out at. This gets complicated when you consider that Mars is headed towards the exact square to Saturn, then Jupiter, and then a conjunction with Uranus all in the next three weeks. This could make for some unfortunate flareups with tempers. Why not try to get some use out of that and get sexy with it instead?

But do please be careful about who you approach with this or how you present your proposition. Sure, if you’re in a relationship that already features sex, this shouldn’t be an issue. However, the volume may be turned up on sex drives, but rational and communication functions are pretty badly scrambled this week. Throughout the course of the week, Mercury is conjunct Pluto, then square Mars, then conjunct Saturn. This reflects what will be happening to Mars as it passes through the first third of Taurus in the next couple of weeks. This week is likely to produce a lot of proofreading errors, angry words, and thoughts and ideas that don’t go anywhere… and probably shouldn’t have occurred in the first place.

So when faced with a situation like this, it seems that the wisest thing to do is to stay at home and in bed as much as possible. And, with luck, maybe you’ll be able to talk someone into joining you…

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