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When we talk about relationships, we often refer to “chemistry.” You know how it is: some couples seem perfect for each other but there’s simply no chemistry. Other couples seem like a bad idea from the start, yet chemistry keeps them together.

If you ever took chemistry class in high school, you probably learned some important lessons. Like, if you combine the right chemicals in the right way, you can create something magnificent. If the wrong chemicals combine the wrong way? You can create a really big stink. Or possibly, an explosion.

In matters of love and romance this week, there are three big aspects providing a lot of… chemistry. Put on your rubber gloves and safety goggles and let’s get to it!

Monday and Tuesday are piled with three major aspects that will affect the entire week. There will be sexual tension, dreamy-eyed romance, and quite possibly some flat-out confusion.

First off, Venus square Mars is exact on Monday (in the U.S., Sunday night). That particular aspect always does wonders to boost people’s urges to mix and mingle, and it also tends to drive bigger sexual impulses. This can be a powerful aspect, but because it is the square, it can be unruly. Try to use a little caution and a little common sense when you get that sudden urge to pick up a complete stranger, or if you suggest something new but kind of outlandish to a current partner.

Right after that, and still on Monday, Venus conjunct Neptune is exact. Remember way back… when was it, last paragraph?… when I cautioned you to use a little common sense in your romantic choices? Yeah, you’re going to have a harder time than usual doing that this week. However, if you find yourself safely within the confines of an existing relationship, this can be an excellent time to pour a little extra love and attention on your partner, and to receive the same in kind.

While both of the above aspects are still strongly in effect, on Tuesday Mars square Neptune becomes exact. Like Venus conjunct Neptune, this aspect can be especially dreamy. Unfortunately, it’s a little more like “being dreamy” while you’re behind the wheel of a car. Sex and socialization urges may be increased, but there is a considerable chance that it will all get pointed in the wrong direction or towards the wrong person. If you apply a little wisdom, this can be an excellent time for connecting with people in new and interesting ways. Also, keep in mind that since Mars is slower than Venus, this aspect will linger into next week.

If you don’t apply a little wisdom, though? There is a risk that you will end up learning a lesson that you didn’t want to, and that isn’t even in the textbook. Like for example, that one time in chemistry class when I was a kid and I wasn’t careful with the safety directions. What did I learn from that? I learned that it can take a surprisingly long time for someone’s eyebrows to grow back…

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