Love Horoscope for the Week of January 25 —

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“Have you thought about having a nice shag in your living room?”
– pickup line at a 1970s carpet store

Congratulations everyone on surviving the potential mayhem that came with Mars conjunct Uranus, square Saturn and Jupiter! Nice work. I was worried about things there for a while. Now, can we get back to the love and romance?

Mars conjunct Uranus may be past the exact degree, but it is still in full effect this week without the discomfort that Saturn was causing to that combination. One of the more obvious effects of Mars conjunct Uranus is a sudden uptick in sex drives. Of course, that is a vital component in romantic relationships, but there’s more to it than that. Mars has been under a lot of stress and strain recently, and its energies haven’t been able to get out in the best and most useful form.

However, be careful with your ego (and around the egos of others). Sun square Uranus is exact on Tuesday, and that makes most of the week potentially a little uncomfortable, with people wandering around trying to “lord it over” others. Remember: the exact Mars-Uranus conjunction may be behind us, but it’s still happening. That energy can be tough to handle properly.

That’s going to change somewhat this week, because Venus conjunct Pluto is exact on Thursday, and makes the week filled with all kinds of powerful needs and desires. If you are in a relationship, now is a good time to make it better. And if you’re not in a relationship, now is a good time to start one. Or possibly to blow your budget or your diet. Be careful where you invest your Venus energy this week. So overall, yes: maybe you should consider having a nice shag in your living room rather than order that giant package of Pop-Tarts from Amazon.

Thursday is also the Full Moon in Leo. As with all Full Moons, I urge caution around mood swings. This particular Full Moon is complicated because it is square to Mars and Uranus. This could make the outbursts and mood swings that often come with a Full Moon that much louder and more awful. Contributing to that mood is a nearly-exact Sun-Jupiter conjunction. So, to summarize: yes, we all love you. We all think you’re totally awesome. Now that we’ve established that, could you please stop yelling at us about how lovable and awesome you are?

If nothing else, though? If things go wrong in your love life, there is always a chance to talk things out. Better get that out-of-the-way quickly though, because on Saturday, Mercury turns retrograde and odds are good that that apology email might end up going to the wrong address.

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