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If you’ve read a lot of stuff about astrology on the internet, you’ll know that there are some astrologers who have a tendency to make everything sound all “love and light” and wonderful. You’ll also know that there are other astrologers who tend to make everything sound like the Apocalypse. And you’ve figured out by now, if you’ve read much of my work, that I tend not to go to either extreme.

That’s why when I tell you that this upcoming week a whole lot of crap is going to hit a whole lot of fans, you should pay attention.

On Wednesday, Mars conjunct Uranus is exact. This aspect has been making things uncomfortable for a couple of weeks for many of you already. It’s a time when tempers become more agitated and unpredictable, blood pressure (both figurative and literal) shoots through the roof, and it is generally a mad, bad, and dangerous time to be in.

Not helping at all is that on Saturday, Mars square Jupiter is exact. Take everything I said about the hazards of Mars conjunct Uranus, plug it into a speaker, and turn up the volume to eleven.

And now unfortunately, like the rest of the world, we must turn our attention to the specific events scheduled for this upcoming Wednesday. Now don’t worry, dear friends: I’m not going to get into politics. By definition, if you are a regular reader of mine, you must be a wonderful person regardless of how you voted. But you may have noticed that things in America, especially related to the last Presidential election, have gotten kind of scary lately. But Wednesday is the day America transitions from one President to the next one — and Wednesday is also the pivotal day when all the not-so-awesome transits are reaching their combined peak.

Tempers have been very explosive lately, particularly in America and around political matters. And it doesn’t help at all that Wednesday is also the day that Mars conjunct Uranus is exact. Even under the best of circumstances, that aspect would make for an increased risk of anger and violence. And although the Moon is at 29° Aries at noon Eastern, by the afternoon and evening that Moon will have entered Taurus and will be conjunct Mars and Uranus.

So, yes. It would seem that this Wednesday is going to be a microcosm of what is going on in the week in general. No one can move the planets through force of will, but we can always control how we react to things. I’m urging you to stay calm and centered with yourself and with others, because there’s gonna be some dangerous moods floating around out there.

So what can one focus on this week in order to do that? Well, on Saturday, Venus sextile Neptune is exact. That may be a relatively lightweight transit, but it brings with it the ability to show others caring and compassion and nurturing that they may be in desperate need of right now. And yes, I’m including you in that.

In conclusion, behave yourself and stay in the bunker as much as possible this week. Peace and love, brothers and sisters. Peace and love.

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