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This horoscope is being published on Sunday, January 12th. Since this is the day that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is exact, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for checking in with us on what must be a very busy day for you, what with the nightmare apocalyptic Mad Max hellscape going on out there. Good luck, God bless, and remember: when the zombies come for you, aim for the head.

Oh, wait. None of that happened? Okay. Back to business as usual.

Have you ever heard of a “good hair day?” Sure you have. Well, we are having a “good Venus week.”

On Monday, Venus enters Pisces. Although this does not guarantee romantic success, it’s generally considered to be an excellent place for Venus to be. Love and affection should flow more easily. All else being equal, the next few weeks should bring a lot of new and interesting romantic opportunities for you, or will help you with things flowing more to help you leave your current situation.

Beyond simply romance, Venus in Pisces can be a time when kindness and empathy can take you further and get better results than usual. If you need to make peace with someone or something in your life, now is the time to get on it.

That niceness is a good thing to have, especially given that not only are we coming off of that Saturn-Pluto conjunction, but on Monday the Sun is conjunct both Saturn and Pluto. This could make the first part of the week a little annoying as far as the people you have to deal with. Remember to play into the compassion of Pisces when dealing with the fractured and overblown egos surrounding you.

That all may sound nice, but there’s a chance you’re thinking it doesn’t seem very exciting. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered there, too. On Wednesday, Venus sextile Uranus is exact. Venus sextile Uranus is a wonderful time to shake up your routine, in a good way. Whether or not we’re talking about romance, think of this aspect as being like discovering a kind of cuisine you’ve never tried before and suddenly discovering that it’s incredibly delicious.

Mercury enters Aquarius on Thursday. This should make for interesting communications on date night this weekend, especially when you consider that by Saturday, Mercury square Uranus will be exact. Normally Mercury in Aquarius is a sharp and quick-witted placement. With the square to Uranus though? You may find your jokes falling flat, or that the words just don’t come out right. But hey, worst case scenario? That Venus in Pisces thing is pretty forgiving. Cut yourself and others some slack.

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