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What an interesting, complicated, and strange week it is in the zodiac for love and romance! In some ways, it’s like being invited to the best and tastiest buffet in town, but your jaw is wired shut. Or maybe it’s like going to the buffet and finding it’s closed. Or maybe…

(Can we have a moment of silence for the buffet? We lost a lot in 2020, and I’m sure I will miss buffets for a long time yet. )

So rather than try to make sense of all this in the form of a standard linear narrative, let me just provide you with all the evidence. Then you can decide what to do with it all.


Venus trine Uranus is exact on Wednesday. This aspect can add additional sparkle and shine to an existing relationship, or possibly bring in something new, exciting, and different. Stay open to unusual possibilities from unexpected places and you may very well find yourself uncovering a treasure trove of potential romance and affection. And since Uranus ends its retrograde and turns direct the next day, things may be particularly unusual or unexpected. And that’s not necessarily in a bad way either.


Mars square Saturn is also exact on Wednesday. Mars rules aggression and the sex drive. This aspect has already been in effect for a week or so. Have you noticed any signs of frustrated or confused or misdirected anger out there recently? If not, congratulations on having completely avoided American politics. Although (in theory) this energy can be put into a nice frisky round of sex or two, in practice this is a very difficult aspect to handle. Whether it comes to relationships or not: please try to calm down and take a bit of a chill pill. Now is not the week to abruptly enter into or exit from any personal situation. Or public buildings armed with a brick, for that matter.


As if all of that wasn’t bad enough, on Sunday, Jupiter square Uranus is exact. On the one hand, this could give you the momentum to break free of a challenging situation. On the other hand… Well, we’ve all seen recently how “breaking free of a challenging situation” can get really ugly really fast. What makes this transit especially tricky, in light of the Mars and Venus situation, is that you are probably seeking some kind of higher order or stability. And guess what? We’re fresh out of that this week!

So whatever you do with your personal life this week, think it through and be careful. Also, given the week starts with Mercury conjunct Jupiter, then Mercury square Uranus: If you make the wrong decisions with your life, don’t expect to be able to easily or eloquently talk your way out of them.

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