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Before we get to your weekly dose of love and romance, we need to talk. And I mean that literally, because Mercury is still retrograde. Let’s be honest here: Pisces is not the greatest neighborhood for Mercury to be hanging out in at the best of times. Mercury in Pisces is much better at crafting a thoughtful apology letter than it is at figuring out who to send it to, or whether or not that apology is actually needed. Mercury is getting a number of aspects this week that will make it harder to manage than usual.

Tuesday brings us Sun conjunct Mercury. As aspects go, this is a pretty common one and it’s fairly easy to overlook. When the Sun and Mercury are conjunct, there is a tendency for Mercury functions to become a little scrambled, almost as if Mercury was overheating from its proximity to the Sun.

The next day, Mercury sextile Mars is exact. Normally a sextile is considered a good aspect. It’s kind of soft and it doesn’t announce itself loudly, but it’s usually helpful. I have my doubts this time though, because under normal circumstances this would be a great time to get your ideas out in new, bold, and exciting ways. That sounds like fun doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this aspect can also cause some serious foot in mouth disease.

On Friday, Mercury sextile Uranus happens. Again, as was the case with Mercury sextile Mars, I would probably be telling you all kinds of great things about getting your ideas out there. This time around, though? Your bright idea or clever new thought might end up going astray.

So: why all the emphasis on communication and clear thinking in this week’s horoscope? Sure, we all know that has a lot to do with maintaining a relationship, but love and romance? Really?

Yes, Really. You see, we began the week under the influence of Venus square Jupiter. Although that aspect was exact last Sunday, it has had an effect on most of this week. This week also ends with Venus square Pluto. Venus square Jupiter has probably made it easy for people to go overboard with their affections, drop off of their diet, and generally express love in a less than perfect way — or perhaps with the wrong person.

Venus square Pluto, though? That combination is a recipe for foolishly investing your affections, making a grab for someone or something that you probably shouldn’t be grabbing at, and a general sense of dissatisfaction with your emotional situation. You may be strongly tempted to overplay your hand in your relationships. This could prove to be an exceptionally bad idea, because next week brings us Venus square Saturn.

So here’s the potential pattern: Last week made you overdo it in the wrong way or with the wrong person; this week could make you demand more of the same; and next week could end in a cold and hard landing. Ouch.

Now you know why I was emphasizing Mercury so much this week. Use your head, people!

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