Love Horoscope for the Week of February 22 —

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First of all, you’ve probably already heard this, but it bears repeating: Mercury retrograde is now over. For those of you who enjoy blaming things on Mercury retrograde, though? Excellent news: the Mercury retrograde shadow period lasts until March 13th. This is a time when Mercury is regaining the ground it lost during the retrograde. It’s not as treacherous for plans and communications as regular Mercury retrograde, but if you like using astrology as an excuse for things going wrong, it’s there for you. Enjoy!

The dominant aspect of the week is Mars trine Pluto. This will have two primary effects. First of all, it will give you sufficient energy to make headway against a difficult situation that may have been unaddressed for some time. It can also make for a powerful yet relatively smooth and user-friendly boost to your sex drive. This also applies to your temper, so be careful with that, because Saturn square Uranus is still very much in effect. Not everyone you think who needs a punch actually needs punching.

Lending some gentleness to your life is Venus entering Pisces on Thursday. Venus is considered to be exalted in Pisces. This means that, all else being equal, it is a good time for romance and kindness and baking. As a matter of fact, when you combine Venus in Pisces with this week’s Mars aspect — Mars rules cutting and heating things, so if you are in self-isolation or self-quarantine or are simply avoiding the world — this could be an excellent week to spend making things in the kitchen. If you have someone to have sex with, though… the baking can wait. Either way though, your creative impulses will likely get a boost from Sun sextile Uranus, which is exact on Thursday.

Finally, and just in time for the weekend, we have the Full Moon in Virgo on Saturday morning, that casts its effect throughout the weekend. In my experience, the Full Moon in Virgo is often the weirdest Full Moon of the year. Given that this particular Full Moon is aspecting Uranus, it might be time to double down on the strangeness. You can expect the usual mental and emotional werewolves to arise, as they usually do during a Full Moon. However, don’t be too shocked if this month those werewolves are weird wolves. And when you take into consideration that Mars is hanging out alone, unaspected, and unsupervised in late Taurus, beware of bites.

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