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Venus has recently entered Aries, and Mars is still in Sagittarius. Normally this would be a signal from the Universe to get a little wild and out there with your love life and your emotional affairs. This week though? All of the indicators are that this is a week for quiet contemplation of your long-term romantic goals.

There are a number of factors at work this week that make it a better time for slow but thoughtful process rather than bold action. First of all, Jupiter in Capricorn is approaching the conjunction with Pluto and then Saturn. Given that this is a weekly forecast, I haven’t had too much opportunity to talk about the big, slow, steamroller effect the Saturn-Pluto conjunction has had on so many people. If anything has gone seriously off the rails in your life the last year, that conjunction is probably the culprit.

With Jupiter reaching that point, this may very well be a time to gain the advantage over the issues you have faced. Or, it might be a time when you respond to those issues with a little too much energy and optimism. Either way, stop, look and listen before you unleash anything new into the world, emotionally or otherwise. In fact, double down on the whole “thinking carefully” thing, because Mercury is approaching the conjunction to Neptune and will soon go retrograde.

The good news is that this means Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are all roughly conjunct or sextile each other. Sextiles are helpful, but they rarely jump up and down and yell to get your attention. So, on their behalf: I am jumping up and down and yelling at you to take advantage of all this constructive energy now while it lasts.

For most of us, “date night” means Friday and/or Saturday. This week, the Moon will be in Scorpio for those days, and that placement can make for some deep and powerful emotions. It can also be a tricky time for going off half-cocked with your feelings, so again I urge caution.

Why am I taking such a careful and conservative approach to the transits this week? It’s because on Sunday Mars enters Capricorn. Mars rules the sex drive, and Capricorn likes investing wisely. So the more thought you put into it before you get into bed with someone, the better. That’s especially so, given that Mars in Capricorn is considered to be in the sign of its exaltation. You’ll have some mad skills, so just make sure they are pointed at the right person.


“Wait,” some of you may be saying right now. “Not a word about Friday being Valentine’s Day?” Okay, you got me. Valentine’s Day this year features Moon trine Neptune. The potential disappointment will thus be even dreamier than usual!

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