Love Horoscope for the Week of February 1 —

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The week starts under the influence of Sun square Mars. This aspect can certainly lend some punch to your personal relationships and boost some egos. Just make sure that your ego, or that of someone close to you, doesn’t lead to someone getting actually, physically punched. Mars loves expressing itself through direct action.

Venus enters Aquarius on Monday. Whenever Venus changes signs, it usually represents a bit of a tonal shift as to where and how romance plays out. Venus in Aquarius doesn’t normally get a whole lot of press for being either being a “good placement” or a “bad placement.” As with all things Aquarius, this placement often gets filed away under “interesting but a little unusual.”

…Not this week, though. Venus is getting a whole lot of action, and it isn’t necessarily comfortable. Exciting? Sure! Comfortable? Nope!

Although the two major aspects Venus forms this week are piled up towards the end of the week (specifically both being exact on Saturday), they influence the entire week. First, Venus is conjunct Saturn. Although that particular aspect sounds chilly and unpromising for your love life, that isn’t necessarily the case. This can be a time to build something that is both romantic and comfortable, yet has a certain solidity to it that romantic endeavors often lack. Please keep in mind that in Vedic Astrology, Venus and Saturn are considered to be great friends. This means that the Venus-Saturn conjunction can often work out to be a much better thing than it sounds on paper.

Whether or not Venus conjunct Saturn is a good thing or bad thing for you personally, this time around we have to throw in a major element of disruption. Saturday is also the day that Venus square Uranus is exact. Any planet that receives a square from Uranus is bound to get agitated. Sometimes that can be put to good use, and sometimes it’s just like having had one too many espressos: anything you attempt to do will be shaky.

These two Venus aspects together on the same day also imply that Saturn square Uranus is nearly exact. That’s a wild and disruptive combination that will have an effect far beyond simply your personal relationships, and this aspect will be an influence over much of the year. Like, for example… how’s your GameStop stock doing today?

So no matter what happens in your love life, or in life in general this week, expect the unexpected. Yes I know, I’m an astrologer and it’s my job to predict the future, and yet I had to lean on that old cliché. Cut me some slack here, will you? Mercury is just as retrograde for me as it is for you, and you’re probably struggling to find the right words yourself sometimes.

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