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As you may recall from last week’s horoscope, Venus sextile Neptune makes for excellent, fertile ground in which romance can take root. That’s all fine and well, but if you really want romance to turn into a solid committed relationship, you need a little help from Saturn. Fortunately, Venus will be getting that help this week.

Wednesday is the day that Venus conjunct Saturn is exact. Yes, I know Venus conjunct Saturn doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, does it? In my experience though, that aspect often isn’t nearly as troublesome as advertised. It can also be a time when a new or ongoing relationship can be stabilized, and you can agree on common ground with a loved one. You might want to get on that as soon as possible, because the next couple of upcoming aspects might make things a little shaky.

Wednesday is also the day that Mercury is quincunx Uranus. I don’t mention the quincunx that often, but this one strikes me as an important one. Watch for misunderstandings and scrambled communications. Think of it as “Fun-Sized Mercury Retrograde.”

Wednesday also brings us a Full Moon in Gemini. Full Moons always have a reputation for making thoughts and feelings get a little out of hand. No reason to panic, but Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and Mercury is in kind of rough shape this week (see the previous paragraph). Things might be about to get even less predictable than usual as a result of this particular Full Moon.

Now that I’ve served up all the warnings, it’s time for me to tell you about the two aspects happening this week that could make sex and romance happen for you.

There are two aspects that are exact on Friday but that influence all of this week and next week. And, lucky you, both are pretty great for romance.

First of all, we have Mars trine Neptune. This sprinkles a little magic pixie dust on everyone’s sex drive, and you and others will seem a little more glamorous. Now, because Neptune is involved, I have to give you one small warning. The original meaning of the word “glamour” meant “enchantment.” Not, “I’m enchanted to meet you.” More like, “That leprechaun cast glamour on that dung heap to make it look like his pot of gold so that I would be distracted.”

Friday is also the day that Venus conjunct Pluto is exact. Since Venus is coming off of both last week’s soft and fuzzy sextile to Neptune and this week’s more problematic Venus conjunct Saturn, our old friend The Goddess of Love is now looking for depth and meaning and transformation. That sounds great… but that maybe that also sounds a little heavy for a casual coffee date, doesn’t it…?

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