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This week I call upon you all, whoever and wherever you are, to take the week off. Seriously. Odds are good you’re going to be pretty unmotivated, but in a mostly positive way.

The week begins under the influence of Venus trine Neptune, which was exact last week. This will carry on through most of the week, and it brings a warm and wonderful fuzziness with it. Romance is more appealing and the candy is tastier. This is part of the reason why you probably won’t feel like getting things done this week.

Another reason is Sun square Neptune, which is exact on Wednesday. This tends to be a fairly low-energy aspect, and even though Mars will soon be pumping up the volume, now isn’t the time to get to work on any big projects.

The big aspect happening this week is exact on Thursday. Venus sextile Pluto is a great time for making big breakthroughs with your love life and human relations in general. With all the squabbling and backbiting and fighting on social media, what’s wrong with taking a day or two to cultivate positive connections? Besides, it’s International Human Rights Day, and also the first day of Hanukkah. Either one of those alone would normally be good enough occasions to show some kindness to someone. Yes, even that loudmouth Uncle of yours who probably doesn’t deserve it.

The pace picks up towards the end of the week, as Sun trine Mars is exact on Friday. This will make for more energetic interactions, and will sprinkle a dash of the sexy on all that Venus niceness that’s happening.

Mostly though, it would be good to take a week off from what you’re doing… even if, like many, you’re not doing a damn thing. Besides, this week ends with Mercury square Neptune. Mercury in Sagittarius isn’t normally known for its verbal subtlety and diplomacy at the best of times. Add a square to Neptune though, and that outspoken and possibly undiplomatic placement suddenly gets weird and confused and starts yelling at the wrong people about the wrong things.

So you see, doesn’t that sound like a great week to take off from everything? So do that. Get your rest. Besides, if you like being fretful, you’ll need to save all the energy you can for next week. That’s when there’s a Solar Eclipse and three major planets changing signs!

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