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Many people take an entire week or so off around Christmas and New Year’s Day. Although the wheel in the sky keeps on turning, one could be forgiven for thinking that this unscheduled break is what has happened this week, at least as far as major transits involving love and romance go.

Sure, Mercury trine Uranus is exact on Monday, and that makes for new opportunities for you to express yourself in new and interesting ways. And on Thursday, Mercury will be conjunct Jupiter. That doesn’t really sound like it’s going to be all that useful in terms of love and romance though, does it?

In terms of romance, the big drivers are usually Venus and Mars. Neither one of those planets is up to anything that interesting (to be perfectly honest with you) this week. Venus in Aquarius has its uses, but it’s not really getting any interesting aspects prompting it to take action.

“But, what about Venus quintile Uranus, which is exact on Sunday?” I heard someone in the back say just now.

I have two responses to this. The first is that Venus quintile Uranus is generally good for creative pursuits, and not so much for romance. If you want to squeeze some romantic value out of it? Print this forecast out, fold it into an origami crane, and present it to someone that you want to ask out on a date in order to impress them. Come back next week and let us know how well that works out for you.

Second? Get out of here with your minor aspects before I go sesquiquadrate on you.

Mars meanwhile — which is more representative of the sex drive — is still in Scorpio for most of the week. But like Venus, it’s not forming any particular major aspects. Yes, Mars enters Sagittarius on Friday, and that will make for a general tonal shift as far as how you get your groove on. One can expect a little more adventure from this placement than from Mars in Scorpio. Nonetheless, the relative lack of aspects make the start of Mars in Sagittarius a little bit on the dull side.

“But Mars trine Chiron is exact on Sunday! I love talking about Chiron!” another one of you is shouting out there. To which I can only respond, “Yes, it’s a wonderful time to work through a lot of your deep-seated emotional wounds. Go find someone to talk to about that. I hear there’s someone out there with an origami crane who’s just dying to hear your story.”

So there you have it. Why not take the week off? Come back next week when, I promise, I’ll be less sarcastic (maybe)!

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