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Overall, it’s going to be a generally good and stable week as far as your human relations go. We’re still under the influence of Jupiter trine Uranus, which is an excellent time to reinforce your committed relationships and long-term friendships, while still managing to keep things fresh. Jupiter is also the natural ruler of “marriage,” so if you are in a committed relationship, living with someone, or married, this can be a particularly noteworthy time to make any necessary adjustments to your current arrangement.

Putting your drives and ambition to good work can often be difficult, but there is one aspect that can help tremendously with that, and it is exact on Thursday. Mars sextile Saturn is incredibly constructive and can help you find new ways to get permanent results with the issues you are facing, without using too much force or being too pushy.

Is all of this sounding a little too stable and traditional and maybe a little too boring for your tastes? Don’t worry. The end of the week is bringing the potential for excitement and adventure to your love life.

First of all, on Friday, Venus enters Aquarius. Aquarius itself has sort of an odd reputation, and at first glance you wouldn’t think it would be such a great fit for the energies that Venus brings. Valentine’s Day itself happens when the Sun is in Aquarius — and look at how often that occasion goes astray!

Venus in Aquarius can sometimes care more about ideals or about people in general, and doesn’t always get the hang of romantic love or showing affection exclusively to one partner. On the other hand, Venus in Aquarius is great at changing things up with your love life routine, and the week ends with an aspect that will make this week (and much of next week) far from routine.

On Sunday, Venus square Uranus is exact. Normally Venus square Uranus would be a time when I would be telling you to shake things up with your affections, to try something new, or to go on a date somewhere or with someone you wouldn’t normally consider. Have fun with it, right?

This time, though? Venus square Uranus is particularly powerful. Uranus in Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Venus in Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. This astrological double whammy is what we call a “mutual reception.” That can strongly amplify the effects of both planets when they are joined by an aspect. You or your partner may work up the nerve to try out some interesting sexual fantasy that you hadn’t considered before, or were hesitant to discuss in detail. Just remember that with the square aspect, things could occasionally screw up in interesting and unexpected ways.

So: talk it through and think carefully before you live out your lifelong desire to have sex in front of the baby goats at your local petting zoo, or whatever your strange kink is. If that isn’t a factor? Don’t be afraid to try something new anyway, like a new exotic cuisine. At least that way the biggest risk is heartburn, not “getting arrested.”

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